GT Sport can't handle dynamic weather, but it will have damage

The player must choose before starting the weather conditions of the race.

It was surprising at the Gran Turismo Sport presentation in London that the game did not have dynamic weather during the races, and as confirmed by the boss of Polyphony Digital, Kazunori yamauchi, the reality is that the game, technically, cannot take it. Yes, it will be possible to run in the wet with rain or other conditions, but you will have to choose before starting the event to run.

Damage was also absent in the British capital last week, but it seems there is no need to worry: the developer will include it in the final version as soon as it hits stores. Yamauchi assured in the Japanese media Gamewatch that the team is already working on a functional damage system, but that it was not present at the demonstration played by the international media a few days ago.

The goal of GT Sport is in 1080p and 60fps. It will arrive exclusively for Playstation 4 the next Nov. 16.