GT Sport aims to be "fully compatible" with PlayStation VR at its premiere

Polyphony does not guarantee it, but it is one of its goals for the next few months.

The new generation of Great tourism start your engines on PlayStation 4. The boss of Polyphony Digital, Kazunori yamauchi, has confirmed the team's intention to bring GT Sport to PlayStation VR. The goal is more ambitious than that: the plan is to make it compatible with the virtual reality viewer of Playstation 4 from day one, something that is not confirmed yet.

Yamauchi assured the British media VideoGamer that "my goal is for GT Sport to be fully compatible with PlayStation VR." The team claims to have experience in the realm of virtual reality and it seems that the challenge is achievable. PlayStation VR will launch in Europe for a price of 399 euros in October; GT Sport will hit stores next November 16.