Gravity Rush 2 wants to make everything "bigger and better"

The journey of Kat, the protagonist of the adventure game, will have a lot of strength on a personal level.

Keiichiro Toyama, the creative director of Gravity Rush 2, has chatted with the official PlayStation blog about some of the features of the adventure video game that they are preparing to launch on PlayStation 4, in principle, this year.

"You are going to see a great personal journey of growth, and a series of emotional consequences of that journey that he is going to star in," said Toyama. "We gave you a little taste in the first game, but it will be fully explored in the second. Gravity Rush 2 is about growth and maturity." Kat is mischievous, but she's also a great person and we wanted to go a step further and find out. who he really is. "

"We wanted to make everything bigger and better, with more volume and space. We have done a lot of localization and research work in Mexico and Asia, so there is a lot of inspiration from the real world as to what the city looks like. The map is twice or three larger than the first, so increasing the scale in every aspect imaginable was something that focused our fight, as well as offering more options in combat with its gravitational styles without, at the same time, losing the accessibility that made entering so easy. in the original ".