Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link presents a new video gameplay

It's the PS4 JRPG that Platinum Games works on.

Cygames has released a new video gameplay of Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link, the ambitious PS4 JRPG he works on Platinum Games and that will allow you to enjoy the action alone, or with three more friends thanks to its cooperative multiplayer.

This new video sequence, about seven minutes long, shows the town and the scene battles that were already presented at the last Grandblue Fantasy Festival 2017, although it allows us to observe in more detail the special abilities of the group of adventurers that we will control. during the game.

Without a specific release date, in principle Grandblue Fantasy Project RE: Link is scheduled to premiere in Japan throughout 2018, although in a recent press release its managers advise that its release date "is yet to be announced."