Gran Turismo Sport lets you prioritize fluency or resolution on PS4 Pro

Interestingly, in both modes it maintains a rate of 60 images per second.

A few days after the launch of Gran Turismo Sport, the VG Tech channel has shared on YouTube a comparison of the game running in the modes "prioritize fluency" and "prioritize quality", which will be available on PlayStation 4 Pro to give the player the ability to choose what interests them the most.

GT Sport is not the first game that allows us to do this, but it is perhaps one of the most curious. In both modes, the gameplay is resolved in Solid 60 images per second (at least, in the beta), but in "prioritize fluency" mode the resolution of the game is 1080p, while in "prioritize quality" we can play at 4K with 'checkerboard'.

The only difference that can favor the fluency mode is, therefore, that the repetitions are also displayed at 60 images per second compared to 30 in the case of prioritizing resolution.

Gran Turismo Sport comes exclusively to PS4 on October 18.