Gran Turismo Sport arrives in Europe on November 16 and teams up with the FIA ​​for the ultimate GT experience

117 events, vinyl editor, new photo modes and first video of the new Polyphony Digital.

The event of Sony in London with Gran Turismo Sport has finished announcing what is going to be the European date of the new video game of Polyphony Digital: Nov. 16, one day after the game's arrival in Japan. In the English capital numerous details about the Sony simulator have been presented, including some news and debuts in the exclusive PlayStation franchise.

As was already known at the time, GT Sport plans to focus a lot on online competitions between users from all over the world. To do this he will have the help of the FIA, the highest world body in the world of speed racing. There will be a virtual license called FIA Gran Turismo Digital License to face the different tournaments in which the user participates.

The bad news (although details are expected in the next few hours about the announcement) is that it seems that Spain is not going to be among the countries compatible with the FIA ​​virtual license. Mexico, Belgium, United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, China or Australia will be. The competitive tradition of the Spanish in Gran Turismo is full of successes: it sounds frivolous to leave us out of the license.

GT Sport presentation event in London in which the FIA ​​Gran Turismo championships are held: the Manufacturers Cup and the Nations Cup.

Without offering many details at the moment, it has also been known of the premiere of a vinyl editor for the Gran Turismo series. Lovers of photography are also in luck: the new photo mode allows you to play with a large number of vehicles simultaneously and a lot of scenarios. The mode offers snapshots in 4K to the joy of the player.

A mobile application has also been presented to accompany the speed adventures in the title. GT Planet, a portal specialized in Gran Turismo, is also in London. He has been able to record a 20 second piece showing a live race. Sony is expected to release material and new details of the PlayStation 4 artwork soon.