Gran Turismo: "The PlayStation 3 era was nothing short of a nightmare"

Polyphony Digital is not short when it comes to talking about the previous generation of Sony consoles.

The boss of Polyphony Digital, Kazunori yamauchi, has spoken with the American media Gamespot about the franchise Great tourism leaving some interesting statements about the past of the series and what its launch on PlayStation 3 meant, for which he has not had a good word: "The era of PlayStation 3 was nothing short of a nightmare. We had to deal with it for a long time. time. We said to ourselves 'we want to get this far, but we can only make it this far', so there was a lot of frustration in the environment. It seemed at first that the PlayStation 3 hardware could meet all our expectations, but the reality is that it could not " .

"In terms of development, it was very complicated, and the games, after a lot of work in our job, were below what we wanted. It was not a great machine," he confessed. Not counting unnumbered deliveries, Gran Turismo 5 Y Gran Turismo 6 were the two chapters of the franchise released on PlayStation 3, can we expect the same from the series in Playstation 4 with Sport and the future Gran Turismo 7? The words for the current generation are very different from the Japanese: "Now we are ready to do and accomplish everything we want, something that is a lot of fun."

Gran Turismo Sport is coming to PlayStation 4 next November 16. It is a delivery focused on online competition between lovers of speed and driving.