Golem, the PS4 exclusive for PS VR, goes on sale in March 2018

The spectacular action and fighting video game has shown a new video clip with abundant in-game content.

It had been a long time since we had any sign of life from the promising Golem that Highwire Games Prepares for PS4 exclusively for PlayStation VR, however today the game has returned to be topical thanks to the announcement that it will go on sale in March 2018.

The title, which is based on a story in which we play a wounded girl who walks through some ruins, and who only has the help of certain gifts for magic and her sister and her father, who will be there to give her advice and escort you on some sections.

"It requires some practice, but it is tremendously satisfying", explain those responsible, veterans of the Halo saga, in the video-interview that accompanies the news on the controls of the program.