God of War and the coexistence of Greek and Norse mythologies in the new epic of Kratos

Sony Santa Monica explains the reasons that will lead the Spartan hero to face a new challenge in Northern Europe.

God of War has been one of the most important and surprising announcements of the past E3 2016. The director of the new game, Cory Barlog, a veteran in the franchise, explained to the American portal Gamespot what is one of the great doubts among some of the fans of the series: How can Greek and Norse mythologies coexist in the same world? The answer is easier than it might seem: the very historical coexistence and the geographical separation between one territory and another.

Barlog wanted to clarify that Kratos is not in the era of the Vikings, and that although many people relate Norse mythology to them "there is a great history of migration before all this, the era of premigration." He explained that “during the Viking age it was said that the gods had abandoned them. It is known that there is an era in Norse mythology in which Thor, Loki and Odin inhabited the Earth ”. Santa monica proposes a story at an important time for Norse mythology: "A time when gods walked the earth and monsters were real."

The artist acknowledged that "it is a fun and special moment, since it allows us to draw our own perspective of Norse mythology, as opposed to any other representation of recent years." God of war no release date scheduled yet. Our colleague Alejandro Pascual was able to cover it during the celebration of last E3. Do not hesitate to consult their impressions.