God of War surprises with a new trailer showing the Draugr

It is one of the enemies of the game that populates in Norse mythology.

Sony Santa Monica has shared a new trailer of the brutal God of war for PlayStation 4, which this time will take Kratos and his son Atreus to explore Norse mythology. The video in question shows Concept illustrations for the Draugr —No playable demo, no cinematics, or CGI, for now, albeit with enviable music — one of the creatures we'll be up against, and that equates to the modern zombie in this context.

It seems that those in charge want to soak us with information about this new location for the saga: in the past we already had the opportunity to take a look at the dungeons and runic enchantments of the game, which will allow us to use magic in combat. There we will see creatures much more ferocious than the Draugr in the company of Atreus, which will help us to understand more closely the setting that serves as the backdrop for the game.

The new God of War is expected to be a reboot for the series in terms of setting, story and combat, and is already one of the most desired games of 2018. It will arrive exclusively on PS4.