God of War was raised without the presence of Kratos' son

The director, Corey Barlog, shows gratitude for Sony's expertise and collaboration.

Video game developments are not usually simple: the economic forecast collides with the creative and the human, leading to decisions that do not always benefit the work itself. When asked about it on the American portal Glixel, Corey barlog, director of the new and expected God of war, has highlighted how important it is for Sony Santa Monica the support of a company like Sony: “That's why I love Sony: I've never worked with anyone who puts creativity so high. They are probably the best partners I have ever worked with. They really get involved in the things I don't understand. "

Barlog acknowledged being “literally the worst person for finances. My wife takes care of it at home; I am a complete idiot. I would not dare to put myself in charge of the commercial part, so I think it is fantastic that Sony likes what we do: they want us to take care of making great experiences and it gives us freedom of action to take some risks ”. The artist explained that “there was a time at the beginning of the project when it seemed like it was going to be something so big and complicated that we were encouraged to consider rethinking certain things about the game. It was suggested, for example, that the child was not something necessary. I thought it was the axis of my own experience ”.

"I analyzed what would happen if Kratos' son was not there," he specified, "and the conclusion was that we would have Kratos without saying anything throughout the game, with characters who speak a different language and who rarely say anything: 20 hours video game in which nobody talks. It would have been amazing or regrettable. The reality is that at no time did Sony tell us anything about changes ”. Corey Barlog asserted what seems like a fact in which all fans of the franchise and a large part of the media who have been able to see the video game live believe: "Our game is the greatest thing we have ever done."

God of War will premiere exclusively for Playstation 4 in the first quarter of 2018. The adventure of Kratos and Atreus is one of the most anticipated productions of the moment.