God of War will not have QuickTime Events

This year's installment forgoes one of the most iconic playable mechanics from the Hack and Slash saga.

In recent times the QuickTime Events They have enjoyed little popularity among fans, however a few years ago they were a way to get very spectacular moments in action and adventure games such as those in the God of War saga. According to the director of the delivery scheduled for 2018, Cory Barlog, which leads to Kratos to Norse mythology, this time it will be the first time that there are no such actions in the title Hack and Slash.

How has it been replaced? According to Barlog, there are times when we are targeting an enemy and when we are on top of it, a series of predetermined attacks are launched. These are not managed with the classic QTE mechanics of hitting the button or turning the lever at the right moment, but instead use the same buttons as the action and are developed in real time. Of course, there will be some moments in which you will have to press the same button repeatedly to overcome a certain action, but never the classic combination that we saw in the past.

"QuickTime Events are cool, but we have found a better way to do it"Barlog stated.