God of War, Monster Hunter and Spider-Man PS4 Figures for E3

In a Sony conference with rather few surprises, the stars have been titles already announced and a remake of Shadow of the Colossus.

No, a lot was expected from the Sony conferenceHowever, it has ended up being a meeting with the press and fans characterized by a fairly conservative stance in which they have relied mainly on offering in-game content of video games that had been in the limelight for some time, and in which they have hardly presented surprises or advertisements.

Among the assets of the catalog of PlayStation There are games of which we have seen impressive demos, yes. Sony Bend's Days Gone, for example, has displayed formidable graphical muscle and has shown that not only is it fast paced like it did last year, but there is also room in its formula for us to opt for stealth mechanics. and exploration. In addition, the motorcycle that characterizes its protagonist, and that here has left us some very good moments. On the other hand, there was also a desire to see what the new God of War can give of itself, and Kratos has not disappointed in his appointment with Los Angeles. Delving a bit more into the relationship between the protagonist and his son, his video has left us some impressive sequences and the assurance that Sony Santa Monica he has something big on his hands. The bad new? We will have to wait until the beginning of 2018 to see it.

Neither have other high pitches wasted time. Starting with a Spider-Man that will also appear in 2018, but it looks like it will be worth the wait. It was the longest demo, and it made it clear that Marvel's wall-crawler is still in good shape, mixing good stealth, stunt, and action mechanics, and a good assortment of QuickTime Events. Among everything else, we also highlight the presence of the Uncharted 4 expansion, which has a very good visual finish and a promising plot and gameplay; and also of a Detroit: Become Human that still seems very distant but that little by little is shelling more and more of its argument and its formula.

If we talk about novelties, we can refer to the abundant presence of production for virtual reality, very good news for owners of the PS VR device. But also to the remastering of Shadow of the Colossus that promises a job at the level of what the classic of Fumito Ueda seems to demand. There will also be an expansion for Guerrilla's outstanding Horizon: Zero Dawn, and also a Monster Hunter World was presented that in the first minutes seemed like an exclusive announcement for PS4, but that was finally confirmed as multiplatform with the intention of appearing as well. on Xbox One and on PC.

Here is everything you cannot miss from the conference of Sony in the E32017:
  • Kratos is still in great shape
  • Days Gone still paints really, really well
  • Spiderman leaves until 2018
  • Monster Hunter for PC, PS4 and XOne
  • Detroit shows new video
  • A Remake that Fumito Ueda will be proud of
  • The Frozen Wilds will bring more adventures for Aloy
  • The Lost Legacy is seen again
  • GT Sport launches in autumn this year
  • Knack 2 Receives Release Date For 2017