God of War will keep the epic battles of the saga

Santa Monica: "The show is part of our DNA."

Many users when thinking of God of War imagine mammoth fights with gods or huge creatures. However, the extensive gameplay of E3 2016 did not delve into showing this type of combat. Will they be in the game? Sony Santa Monica He confirms it and explains his reasons for not showing it in the presentation last Tuesday.

"The show is part of our DNA," explains Cory Barlog, creative director, in an interview with the British website Eurogamer. "I made the decision not to show that in the demo because I felt we knew very well how to do that. We needed to stand out a bit and show the public what we have changed in the game," he added.

"But this is still David against Goliath. The fight with the troll is but a small version of everything we really have to show," he concluded.