God of War: The Importance of Jörmundgander

Why is this mythological figure so relevant in Kratos' new adventure?

The new God of War trailer shown by Sony at the E3 2017 introduced who appears to be an important character in the game's plot. It is a huge sea serpent, presumably Sony Santa Monica's version of an important icon from Norse mythology that serves as the background to Kratos' new adventure: Jörmundgander, or Midgard Serpent.

Present in other cultures, such as Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece, under the name of uroboros, as a similar myth, the creature is presented in his image as a monstrous snake whose enormous body surrounds the Earth. According to the story, this being, son of Loki, was banished by Odin to the bottom of the oceans, where he will remain until the Ragnarok, the Day of the last battle. In that apocalyptic event that equates to the end of the days of Norse mythologies, he would face the god Thor.

During the extensive gameplay demonstration to present the adventure at E3 2016, we could already see in the final part of the sequence its colossal presence gliding through the landscape, also evidencing an important aesthetic change by replacing the original black color of its skin in the myth for one more white hue. Now, during the last video shown, we had the opportunity to see how Kratos summons the creature by throwing his ax into the water. As an additional detail, the metal closure where the Spartan holds his weapon behind his back is shaped like a snake.

Chance? We still do not know what relationship the new weapon of the Ghost of Sparta has with Jörmundgander, but it seems that the presence of this snake will have some importance in the plot. Atreus translates Kratos snake dialogue, which may indicate how the Sony warrior has not been able to learn the Nordic language during his years of exile, highlighting its foreign character, or that there is also some kind of special bond between Atreus and Jörmundgander.

Also in the recent material of the video we can see again an interesting landscape in which the enormous corpse of a giant lies inert and covered with snow. The most striking thing is that next to the body there is a hammer, Thor's characteristic weapon. Does this assume that Ragnarok has already occurred and that Thor has been unexpectedly defeated? In any case, this demonstration pays great attention to the scaly mythological figure, guaranteeing its great importance in the long-awaited adventure.

With each new game trailer released, fans end up with more questions about the game. The biggest mysteries are still the motives and the way in which Kratos ends up in this new scenario accompanied by a son and in what way all this new mythology will be integrated into the game.