God of War has been influenced by the canceled Star Wars television series

The video game will tell a story with "greater emotional diversity" than that seen in its predecessors.

Since the new God of War was presented in style at the last E3 in Los Angeles, the team of Sony Santa Monica has made it clear that this action adventure will show us a Kratos more human than we were used to, betting on a narrative that they already make clear will offer "greater emotional diversity" than seen in the previous video games of the franchise.

In this sense, it is curious, God of War has been influenced by the canceled television series of Star wars in which George Lucas was working for some years in collaboration with Disney. At least this is confirmed by the director of the video game, Cory Barlog, which ensures that when he worked at LucasArts, he was impressed by the quality of the script for this television show.

"It was the most exciting thing I ever experienced. I felt worry by the emperor"He said in an interview with VentureBeat when talking about the narrative approach that the television series was betting on." They turned the Emperor into a figure with whom you could empathize, since he is someone who was guided by a damn heartless woman . By an authentic gangster who ended up destroying him as a person until taking him to the Dark Side. I almost cried while reading that, "Cory Barlog comments." This is the Emperor, the guy who shot lightning bolts from his fingers. And that was something magical. "

Regarding the action in God of War and how Kratos faces the battles, the video game director emphasizes that we live in a time where most characters begin to accept that "the biggest video games don't have to scream all the time. I thought that it was an opportunity for us. It's great to be able to tell stories with a greater emotional variety. That we were always a kind of RAAARGH! '", Adds the creative.

Barlog jokes about it comparing Kratos from previous games to the popular comic book character. Hulk and his human version, Bruce Banner. Before he was the Hulk all the time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, because he didn't know what it was like to be Bruce Banner. And this time, his son is teaching him to be human, bringing back humanity that kept hidden ".

Sony Santa Monica also won't offer a simplistic version of that quest for redemption on Kratos' part. "He has known for a long time that he needs to change. But the change comes from his desire not to want to repeat the mistakes of his past once again," he explains.