God of War is Sony's first star for E3

The new adventure of one of the star sagas of PlayStation is called, simply, God of War.

God of War has been the first great star of Sony in your conference E3 2016, and it has been beginning with a majestic representation of one of its main themes by an orchestra.

Afterwards, a lengthy nine-minute gameplay demonstration has taken place in which we have been able to see some in-game sequences of the video game, as well as a powerful cinematic that has begun to give the first notions of the history of this title.

This God of War "is not simply a reboot of the franchise that retells the original story" they point out from Sony Monica Studio. Their goal is to "reimagine gameplay, give players a fresher perspective and a new experience while diving deeper into Kratos' emotional journey to explore the complex drama that unfolds when an immortal demigod takes over. the decision to change ", they add.