God of War, in March 2018? A leak points to it

The PlayStation Store in North America and Chile put a date on Kratos' new adventure.

Without official confirmation, the PlayStation Store in North America and Chile could have mistakenly advanced the release date of the highly anticipated God of War on PS4. Would be the March 22, date on which more than 10 years ago the video game that gave rise to this successful franchise was released.

According to information from Google Cache, until last December 3, the information regarding the release date of God of War was December 31, 2018, so the update has been very recent. Sony, however, has not commented on this leak.

March 22, 2018 will be Thursday, which is not the usual date for the launch of video games on PS4, but considering that it is the anniversary of the first GOW, Sony could have made it coincide. We will have to wait to find out, possibly to the PlayStation Experience that takes place this weekend.