God of War on PS4 promises a "less linear" gaming experience

There will be additional missions that will allow us to deviate from the main path.

The director of the highly anticipated God of War for PS4 has confirmed that the new action adventure starring Kratos will be "less linear" than previous episodes of the franchise, although the creative of Sony Santa Monica make it clear that this is not an open world adventure.

Although the development team does not call them "side missions", Cory Barlog says there are additional tasks that, in essence, behave the same way. Thanks to them we will have the opportunity to get off the main path and delve into the world of Norse mythology portrayed in this promising action video game.

They will be smaller objectives that will allow us to relate to some of the non-playable characters that will be present in this new God of War. On the other hand, Barlog also confirms that there will be puzzles during the adventure.

Another interesting detail has to do with the passage from Greek to Norse mythology; The director of God of War assures that the history of the video game will delve into this question, without providing more details about it for now.