PS4's God of War will feature high doses of "blood and gore"

Your age rating in the United States has been leaked.

Being a saga that has always been characterized by its high doses of violence, it should come as no surprise that the promising God of War on PS4 is an especially violent action game, and this is confirmed by the United States age rating system, the ESRB for its acronym in English, as long as the information leaked in the last hours is true.

"The combat is frequent and often bloody, with characters striking and kicking others repeatedly, using swords to cut and impale enemies," reads the description of the video game. Also mentioned are large enemies and bosses who, likewise, Kratos dispatches in "more sequences of violence".

There are other details that some might consider spoiler, like the type of weapons that the protagonist of this action adventure has access to. Specifically, it talks about axes, swords and a pair of blades with chains that, by description, would resemble the Swords of Chaos that we used in previous episodes of the franchise.

During the fight, always attending to this leaked information that has been removed from the ESRB website, Kratos will face ogres, dragons, gods, skeletons and demigods. The absence of sex in this description is striking, as these kinds of scenes have also been common in the God of War series.