God of War gives new details about its combat system

Sony offers new information on the operation of the weapons and the interaction with Atreus in a podcast.

Sony has published a new episode of the podcast dedicated to the development of God of War in which they explain certain details of the new ax that Kratos will use during his adventure.

Some months ago Cory Barlog, creative director of the game already explained why they have changed the Swords of Olympus for an ax, which has been baptized with the striking name of Leviathan. And with this new content they continue to delve into the evolution of the character and how it relies on his new weapon. "Atreus will not be a burden at any point during the game." Apparently the son of Kratos will be very active during the fighting, eliminating the enemies that try to prevent the progress of the adventure. It will be necessary to verify to what extent it is a simple help or an element that will always ensure the victory of the players during the confrontations. "He may be small, but Atreus is the son of a god," add the developers.

The podcast also points out that, as we have seen in the different published gameplays, "hand-to-hand combat is an option, which allows Kratos to destroy his opponents." And with this they add that when Kratos goes into action, "we will see him cutting limbs and tearing bodies". Another important detail that this audio draws attention to is that during these scenes there are no buttons, not even to end the movements. This is intentional, as Cory and his team wanted to get away from some of the most recognizable gameplay points from previous games, their 'quick events'.

You can visit this other article if you want to know more about Kratos' new arsenal in God of War. Fans of the ghost of sparta will still have to wait a few months to meet Kratos again on this new journey through Norse mythology, which, although it does not have an official release date, could reach stores during the first months of 2018.