God of War: Atreus, the son, will not be a burden to Kratos

"Kratos and his son work together, the boy is not a burden to his father."

Cory Barlog, the main creative responsible for the long-awaited God of War that is being developed for PS4, has spoken with the US Gamer portal about how some aspects of interest are raised, such as the fascinating relationship that is established between its two protagonists: Kratos and his son, Atreus.

"Kratos and his son work together. The child is not a burden to him. Kratos doesn't speak the language, and his son during the entire game translates everything, "Barlog commented." Anything you read on a wall, he can interpret it. But even though the kid speaks the language, he has never left the forest. "

"In the end, the kid, as I say, is not a burden. In fact he gets better and better at what he does as the title progresses. In other games you feel like you are improving your character and that is almost the only thing you do. , but in this what we want to achieve is that be proud of him"assured the creative.