God of War: "Now Kratos is a different character"

"We try to be true to who he is, but also to offer him space to change."

Cory Barlog, the chief creative officer for God of War, has been one of the most prolific personalities in terms of statements during the E3 2017, and is that the new adventure of Kratos is on everyone's lips.

"There is a lot of history and a lot of life in this character", declared Barlog in an interview collected by the GamingBolt portal. "He is someone at a very different time in his life than where we have seen him until now. A hero who has radically changed, so we try to be true to who he is, but also to offer him space to change."

"At first we tried to find the sweet spot for what Kratos should sound like. We wondered in the early writings why he sounded like a father ... He was a failure. The people in the studio left us notes at the beginning, when he tested the first versions, and He told us that it was too difficult, that it was like a simulator of a child. There was very harsh criticism from within: `I hate Kratos, he's terrible´. So we realized we were taking things too far, then we would try again in another direction and they would tell us it sounded like Obi Wan Kenobi: `It's ridiculous, guys, this isn't Kratos´".

"In the end, we opted for the middle street. That allowed us to pocket some of what we wanted to achieve but, at the same time, remain honest with what the character has always been.