Gina Rodríguez to star in Carmen Sandiego's film

The actress has appeared in series such as Jane the Virgin and in recent feature films such as Annihilation.

Gina Rodriguez

In the already distant year 2012 we began to tell you that one of the most emblematic characters of classic video games was going to have a movie. Carmen Sandiego was on her way to the cinema and, at that time, Jennifer Lopez sounded like the protagonist of this one.

Now the feature film is showing signs of life again and, this time, the firm Deadline has announced that its main character will be played by the actress Gina Rodriguez, known for her role on the series Jane the Virgin and the recent film Annihilation. Rodríguez, in this way, will not only star in the Carmen Sandiego film but will also lend his voice in the series of the same name that Netflix is ​​preparing for 2019.