Ghost Theory, a horror adventure, bet on the CryEngine

Previously, this game developed by Dreadlocks used Unity3D.

The independent study Dreadlocks has confirmed the change of the graphics engine for its horror adventure Ghost Theory, which successfully surpassed its time on Kickstarter months ago, leaving Unity3D aside to embrace the CryEngine.

"As we tried to finalize the demo we came to the conclusion that Unity3D is simply not the right graphics engine for a project of the scale of Ghost Theory," say those responsible for this first-person adventure. "We were facing so many problems even at the demo level that it made sense to look for an alternative for the full game."

From what they say, already at this year's Gamescom they saw that other studios had made a similar decision. Now, Dreadlocks are looking for additional financial support to meet the rising development costs, and for this reason, they have presented Ghost Theory to Crytek's Indie Development Fund program, where if they receive the necessary support from the fans they will receive financial support from the team responsible for Crysis.

Ghost Theory is a horror adventure that proposes us to investigate a series of paranormal cases in a wide variety of real-world locations where similar situations are assumed to have occurred. The development team promises great freedom to explore the scenarios as we search for clues that will allow us to save our skin and solve the mystery. At our disposal we will have several gadgets and special abilities with which to deal with a handful of spirits that, they promise, will react naturally to our actions. They will not stand still in a place waiting for us to pass by.

The game is scheduled to release on PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, and PS4.

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