Ghost Recon: Wildlands rules out incorporating a battle royale mode

Ubisoft's action video game was among the main candidates to incorporate such a modality.

Of all the pitches pools that have to incorporate a Battle royale In the future, one of people's favorites is Ghost Recon: Wildlands. In fact, we included it in the special 5 video games that could have a battle royale mode and it was one of the most popular. However, Ubisoft has denied this possibility on social networks at the insistence of fans.

"We understand the appeal of Battle Royale game modes," commented the official Twitter account. "Although it would be a natural direction for Ghost warIt would be something that would involve changes to the structure of the game and technical challenges that are impossible to overcome right now. "

There will be, therefore, no Battle Royale mode for the show. However, Ubisoft's multiplayer shooter set in Bolivia recently unveiled the roadmap for Ghost Recon Wildlands Year 2.