Ghost of a Tale explains its poor launch finish

SeithGC, the main person in charge of the game, admits that they realized too late the problems.

Despite the fact that the analysis of Ghost of a Tale shows that we have loved it in the writing of 3D GamesWe are also not blind to the fact that the game has recently been updated to receive abundant improvements and to fix some of the launch problems that the program had.

"When I realized what was happening it was obviously too late to be able to say 'oops, sorry guys. Let's put it in the fridge a little,'" said SeithGC, author of the video game, in the entry in SteamCommunity of the video game where he talks about the big launch of the patch. "The fact that many sounds were not heard in the second half of the game gave the impression that the game was unfinished, and that was disgusting."

"The answer to the reasons why these bugs are in the video game has to do with the fact that a dozen people tested the video game over a period of two months, but that is not enough to match what thousands of people who start playing at the same time, "explained SeithGC. "That said, of course it's my fault."

"Right now the video game it's what it should have been from the moment it was released", the creative recognized just a few days ago.