Win a Schott NYC Bomber or Sweatshirt + Crossbody Pack with the movie LOGAN

Starring Hugh Jackman, the film has already hit the box office.

Logan, Wolverine's new post-X-Men movie Origins: Wolverine and Immortal Wolverine is already hitting theaters both at the box office and critically.

The film, directed by James Mangold and starring Hugh Jackman in the role of Logan, places the viewer in 2029, the year in which the mutants have practically disappeared and a tired and dejected Logan lives in retirement in the Mexican city of El Paso accompanied by Professor Charles Xavier, disabled and with impaired mental faculties. Something important happens and Logan must stop hiding from the world and forget his legacy ...

Obviously we invite you to go to the cinema to see the film, but also to participate in this contest about the Twentieth Century Fox Spain film. The prizes are worth it!

We raffle a Schott NYC Bomber and 4 Sweatshirt + Shoulder Bag Packs.

Do you dare to participate? It's very simple and you can do it both on and on Facebook:

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  • Participation open until March 12, 2017
  • The award ceremony will take place in Spain
  • Winners will be chosen by lottery
  • There is no participation limit