Earn points for the Nordic setting for the next God of War 4

Yesterday's rumors were followed by a major arts leak.

Yesterday the well-known insider of the video game industry Shinobi602, known for successfully advancing great bombings of the world, made public that God of war 4 I would bet on Norse mythology. Throughout this morning there has been a significant leakage of materials that support its filtration.

They have come from the NerdLeaks portal, which published a series of art-works and illustrations of a worker from Sony Santa Monica and that were created, apparently, in 2015. There is no confirmation that any of this is real, but given the reliability of both sources in the past we are forced to echo the news.

Within hours of making the information public, the website and its Twitter account are closed, but through the NeoGAF forums we can take a look at all these supposed images and illustrations.