Future installment of Infamous? "Sony never withdraws an IP from circulation"

There do not seem to be any plans, but it is not ruled out in the future. Sucker Punch is working on another project.

inFamous: Second Son

What future is there for the franchise Infamous? At the moment, it seems quite uncertain, although it is not closed to future future installments. It has been confirmed by the development manager in Sony Worldwide Studios, Scott rohde, which has guaranteed that “we never withdraw a Sony IP from circulation. She is always open to new projects. Is the only that i can say".

The series of Sucker Punch served to make what is probably one of the first great exclusive video games released on PlayStation 4 in its early days. Following the release of Infamous: First Light months later, nothing has been heard of the franchise or the development team's plans with it. Sucker Punch confirmed at the time that he was working on a new project.

Infamous: Second Son It came out in March 2014, First Light waited until August of the same year.