Fumito Ueda recruits staff for his new video game

At the moment it is a mystery what the father of The Last Guardian works on.

Fumito Ueda

Do you want to see what's new in Fumito Ueda? For now this moment seems distant, but his study, GenDesign, rev up his engines and start looking for employees with a view to working on the father's new production of The Last Guardian.

Among the offers made public by the development team, and made official through the official profile of the company on Twitter, we find programmers, experts in the use of certain programs, animation and effects designers, etc. Nothing that can give a clue about the genre or theme chosen for the new bet of the Japanese creator.

The Last Guardian was released about a year ago after a long period of development while Shadow of the Colossus, one of his most beloved works, will receive a remake in early 2018.