Fumito Ueda highlights the creative freedom of his new video game

For this reason, he sought to develop the video game with the Kowloon Nights fund.

Fumito Ueda

The creator of The Last Guardian continues to talk about his new project in the international press. Although he does not leave details about where his approach will go, Fumito Ueda has already praised the new technological advances as well as the wide creative freedom that he currently has for this new adventure to be announced in GenDESIGN together with the Asian investment fund Kowloon Nights.

"We have the ability to explore the core of our next video game with a high degree of freedom. As a designer, I want focus my efforts on creative aspects and not in fighting against others over what kind of game to make and what genre to choose. We became a Kowloon Nights partner because they meet our strict conditions. We have the idea of ​​power offer something on a scale similar to our previous adventures, and on this objective we will continue working ", explained the also author of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus in an interview with Edge.

Kowloon Nights, they recall from WccfTech, is a global investment fund dedicated to helping developers of independent proposals although it does not act in editing tasks, a company that remains unoccupied for the next Fumito Ueda video game.

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