Frostpunk will remain true to its RTS essence on its arrival on consoles

An interview with its developers guarantees a bright future for the game.

Selling more than a million units of a video game is a milestone, but doing it in the territory of the PC and without the support of console versions is a plus. It has been the case of the successful Frostpunk, the video game of 11 bit Studios which will jump to PS4 and Xbox One on a date to be determined in 2019. What to expect from the premiere on home hardware? The marketing director, Patryk Grzeszczuk, has explained to GamesIndustry that the benefits that have catapulted the title to success on the computer will continue.

"It's the same game. We've changed the user interface and controls drastically. We've also rebalanced the game a bit to be more in line with the expectations of console players. It's not easier than the PC game." Grzeszczuk explained, "but the momentum is a bit different." Regarding the comparisons, he assured that "there is nothing, objectively, that makes the PC version of Frostpunk better than the console version."

The big problem with console strategy video games has always been the same: control with a controller. How have they solved the problem? He radial design of the title is optimal to control it with the controller, he said in the interview, and Grzeszczuk guaranteed that Frostpunk on console "really works, but it took us a while. We had at least three iterations to get to the current one: the first was not good; the second one improved, but needed something more. With the current one we are very happy. "

At 11 bit Studios they are already working on their next video game, and it seems that the goal is to have the premiere of their project on console to save headaches: "For our next project we think about console first. We are already designing with the panel of game in mind, shaping the experience. It's going to be totally different than anything we've done in the past, but it will have that 11-bit flavor. "

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