From Software is recruiting for your next project

Let's remember that there have been a lot of rumors lately about a possible presentation of Bloodborne 2.

The Japanese blog Game Kana has echoed an employee search ad for a motion designer to animate characters in a video game described as "dark role".

The funny thing is that there is not a single obvious clue in the ad that leads to link this with From SoftwareHowever, if we look at it in detail, we realize that it refers to the Sasazuke station in Shinjuku, in Tokyo, the closest to the offices of the study responsible for the Souls saga... Something that would also fit with that description of "dark role", since it is what characterizes his projects.

Recall that after the launch of the extraordinary Dark Souls III we still do not know what they are dedicating their efforts to in the company, however abundant rumors suggest that it could be a Bloodborne 2 that would be long in the E3 2017.