Frictional Games does not rule out bringing some of its games to PlayStation 4

Amnesia has always dreamed of coming to PlayStation 4, but its release never took place.

More terror for the Sony console? It is not the first time that this possibility has been discussed, but the fact is that Amnesia still has not reached PlayStation 4. The creative director of the company, Thomas grip, has spoken with the American portal Rely on Horror about its successful SOMA and the possibility of bringing its previous great success to the circuitry of the home console of Sony, taking advantage of the advances made in the console in recent times.

"We are studying it. Now that we have an engine that runs on PlayStation 4 we must see how easy it would be to make the port, but we have not decided anything yet" he assured. "We have to see what problems and possibilities there are. It always happens that something that you think could be easy and not take up much time ends up consuming a lot of work. We will announce anything as soon as we know something."