Fortnite already has more active users per month than GTA Online

The Battle Royale mode of the multiplayer shooter from Epic Games continues to accumulate enormous success.

The analyst firm SuperData has released a report on Fortnite and its popularity success and, this time, it has done so by comparing its incredible numbers of Active users monthly with those of other video games.

The action video game of Epic games It is surpassing other major console titles and now it is news because it already accumulates a greater number of the aforementioned active users per month than large multiplayer ocean liners such as GTA Online.

Of course, it must be made clear that we are talking about a free-to-play more or less recent compared to a paid game that has been on the market for several years, however the comparison does not stop offering a powerful favorable balance for the friendly shooter in its modality Battle royale.

Just a few days ago, in fact, we told you that Fortnite is the third most lucrative game on PS4 and Xbox One, only behind Call of Duty: WWII and FIFA 18.