Fortnite slowed its growth rate in July

According to Super Data, this could indicate that you are reaching your maximum income peak.

Super Data, an interactive entertainment market research firm, has published a new report on the performance of the industry in digital media during July. Among the headlines left, the slowdown in the growth of Fortnite stands out. This fact suggests, according to the published analysis summary, that the battle royale could be close to reaching its highest audience peak.

The Epic Games video game led in the generation of earnings on consoles, while on PC it remained among the leading titles; However, it was only able to increase its business by 2% compared to June despite launching Fortnite Season 5 this month. Of course, it was one of the great contributors to the video game market growing 3% compared to the same period in 2017, reaping more than 8.2 billion dollars.

It is not the only informational fact left by Super Data in its report. For example, it is exposed that Overwatch, although it increases its user base, continues to fall in revenue. Better was the news for No Man's Sky, achieving the best month since its launch, and GTA V, adding its best lucrative period of the year.