Fortnite premieres its Season 9 with new locations among other content

Epic Games details their latest patch and celebrates it with a new cinematic trailer.

The Island of Fortnite is no longer as we know it. The eruption of the famous volcano on the battle royale map has left a lot of destruction behind, and from its ashes the designers of the video game of Epic games have seen fit to create several new locations, among which stand out Neo-Tilted Y Colosal Shopping Center, which we can see in the cinematic trailer that accompanies the news.

To move around all these places, those responsible for production have seen fit to devise a new wind transport system: the rebufos. Likewise, and for 950 V-Bucks, players can now purchase the latest battle pass of the multiplayer adventure that gives access to 100 levels and more than 100 new rewards. You can read the main patch notes below.

Weapons and objects
  • The Combat Shotgun has been added.
  • Tactical Shotgun damage has been adjusted.
  • Drum Gun availability reduced from 16,732% to 7,155%.
  • Explosive Bow availability reduced from 1.292% to .755%.
  • The grenades have been removed from the chamber.
  • The limpets have been stored in the chamber.
  • The buried treasure has been kept in the chamber.
  • In-chamber slide shotgun
  • The poison dart trap has been saved in the chamber.
  • The scoped revolver has been stowed into the chamber.
  • Silenced assault rifle has been stored in the chamber.
  • The thermal assault rifle has been stored in the chamber.
  • The balloons have been saved in the chamber.

  • Rebuffs
    • These wind tunnels passively carry players through the current.
      • Players can move faster and change direction by actively moving in the current.
      • Move with the controls for extra speed. Experiment with moving up and down to achieve a higher speed.
    • Players are thrown out of the tube based on their movement speed and exit angle.
    • Projectiles and vehicles can also enter the slipstream.
  • Air respirators
    • Strong gusts of wind from these environmental objects can knock players over short distances and grant them immunity to fall damage.
  • Fortbytes
    • Fortbytes are a series of 100 collectible computer chips that Battle Pass owners have at their disposal. As you collect Fortbytes, you will be able to decipher a mysterious image. Collect them to unlock rewards and discover the secrets of Season 9.
    • During the first day of Season 9, there will be 18 Fortbytes to find. At least one new Fortbyte will be unlocked per day. Take a look at the Challenges tab to find out which Fortbytes are available at all times and when the others are unlocked.
    • Fortbytes cannot be obtained after the end of Season 9.

Rotations in limited time modes
  • Trios: Classic Battle Royale with squads of three.
  • Solid Gold - Fight to the End using Legendary Weapons!
  • Single shot: Low gravity. All players have 50 health. The only weapons are marksman weapons and the only healing item is bandages. Jump high and aim well!

You can read the complete news of the video game, both its battle royale and creative modes and that of Save the world, through its official website. Likewise, this other video summarizes what the new battle pass includes.

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