Fortnite: This tool helps you avoid storms

This route calculator can be very useful to plan strategies before playing.

Yogsther is a Fortnite hobbyist who has created a tool that helps players calculate how long it takes to travel between different points on the map. You can access this tool for free from this link.

This program will help you to calculate different routes, even with stops along the way and zigzag, and offers you an estimated time of how long it would take to travel the journey. The calculator is as simple to use as left-clicking and adding a marker and right-clicking to remove it. This way you can set as many waypoints as you want.

Know all the new areas and changes in the Fortnite map

Despite not being infallible, it is very useful to be able to calculate how much time you will have to invest to move from one area to another, and study how much you can entertain yourself looking for supplies and materials, since it takes about 45 seconds to cross each grid of the map, depending on the geography of the area. Fortnite's distance calculator is found still in an early stage of development and it will receive more improvements in the future, but it can be very useful if you take a few moments before starting the game.

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