Fortnite postpones its Valentine's and spring events for a week

The decision stems from Epic Games' concern with the stability of the multiplayer shooter update 2.5.0.

In recent days we have talked to you about Fortnite because there are a series of problems derived from update 2.4.0, incidents that have forced us to delay new content until all of them are solved.

Now we have been able to know from our own mouth Epic games their plans for the next events and their modifications due to all this, and that they go through delaying those of Valentine's Day and the spring called Spring it on.

"Due to our internal concerns regarding the stability of patch 2.5.0, the events of Valentine's Day and Spring it On will be delayed for a week," they comment from Epic Games in a statement. "This means that we will not meet the deadlines that were initially set in our roadmap."

"We are extending the current storm event in our 2.4.X update next week, and the Gold Reset will take place in v.2.5.0. We want you to be able to play and feel like it's the best bet so you have a stable patch. "

How are things? The Valentine's event will be launched, precisely, on February 14, with new aspects or the Cupid's weapon among other things. The spring will arrive on February 21 with all its news, while on February 28 we will receive the Stamina Part 1 - Player Movemennt, plus new items for the store and much more.

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