Firewatch for PC and PlayStation 4 sells 500,000 in its first month

The publishers of this remarkable adventure recovered their investment in practically a single day.

The remarkable Firewatch has managed to sell in its first month of life close to 500,000 copies on PC and PlayStation 4, which is a success for this independent adventure that practically recovered its investment in just one day.

"Of course we wanted to make the best possible game, but we had also made an investment that we hoped to recoup," declares the editor who took charge of publishing this video game developed by Holy Field. "How has it been? Firewatch's budget, which for us has been huge, was modest for a game of its scale and quality level, but we have managed to recoup our investment in around one day," they confirm.

Panic can not hide her joy for what she considers "a best seller", and has been "grateful" to the fans who have opted for this adventure starring a forest ranger.

On the occasion of this announcement, it has also been confirmed that Firewatch will receive an update soon that will correct some bugs.