Firewatch fixes its performance issues on PlayStation 4

Those responsible for this research adventure assure that they will continue polishing the video game.

We recently informed you of the fact that Firewatch had experienced a less than pleasant launch in Playstation 4, plagued by some performance problems that the study said they were in the process of solving.

Now Cemetery, the team that developed this investigative video game and strong narrative component, has announced the arrival of a patch for this edition that fixes a host of things and improves the performance of the program. Increases such as the extended drawing distance and the shadow rendering distance are included and the correction of other incidents that you can consult in full from the North American portal Gamespot.

The support for the program will not stop there, yes, and they are already in collaboration with those responsible for the Engine Unity, as well as working on the promise of adding subtitles to other languages ​​in this version for the console Sony.