Red Dead Redemption 2 endings: which one is the best?

What decision should you make at the end of the story? Find out in this guide (SPOILERS).

If you don't mind gutting important parts of the story - and this guide is full of spoilersObviously, you may want to know in advance the endings of Red Dead Redemption 2 before making the final decision proposed by the final chapter of story mode. What is the good ending? What is the bad? What consequences does your decision have? Is it worth going back and loading a previous file to choose the other ending?

We go into context a bit first, and warn you that it is your last chance to turn back if you don't want to find yourself face to face with a spoiler from the fashion game. If you stay with us: at a certain point in the mission "Red Dead Redemption" from Chapter 6 of the story You can choose between returning to the cave and taking the money, or helping John in a predicament. This is the decision we were talking about above. The end of the story is practically the same no matter what you choose, but it is told from different perspectives in both cases.

Solve the case of the Red Dead Redemption 2 serial killer

If you choose to help John, you'll need to follow him down a cliff and fight a group of Pinkertons until Micah shows up for the final duel. This action also gives you 10 honor points. You will also have to face these individuals (yes, Micah too) if you choose to return to Beaver Hollow for the money, only in this case you will lose 10 honor points. Regardless of what you choose, Arthur Morgan will die.

In both endings, the duel with Micah will be interrupted by Dutch, visibly shocked and upset. In the honorable endingArthur declares his moral victory and his longtime comrades will let him die in peace, watching a sunset. We will also see a sequence with a deer. If we opt for the miserable ending, then it will be Micah who ends Arthur's life, instead of tuberculosis, right after Dutch leaves. In addition, we will see a final sequence starring a wolf. Of course, it doesn't stop there: we recommend that you visit all the RDR 2 story missions to get the gold medals. When you finish the epilogues, it will also be a good time to have fun with the tricks of RDR 2.