Final Fantasy XV will be expanded in 2019 with four new DLC

Dawn of the Future will allow Square Enix to create "a great alternate ending" to Noctis' adventure.

Square enix has big plans for Final Fantasy XV. The Japanese have announced that throughout 2019 they will release four new DLC framed under the title Dawn of the Future. The aim is to offer "a great alternative ending" to this successful action-role adventure, showing "a future that everyone hopes for" as the heroes face "their destinies to reach the ideal future they had imagined."

The first of these additional episodes responds to the name of The Conflict of the Sage, and stars Ardyn. "It will portray Ardyn's struggles. Witness the resentment for more than 2000 years towards Lucis, and his confrontations with the Astrals," reads the official description of this episode created by the team led by Hajime Tabata. It will be available early next year.

After this DLC will arrive in spring 2019 The Beginning of the End, which will focus on Aranea Highwind of the Niflheim Empire, delving into the effects of the Starscourge plague. The third of the additional episodes, Choice of Freedom, will give us the opportunity to play with Lunafreya. "His story is about the fate of Luna, that there will be no freedom or death. His battle to save the one he loves," says his description, "will decide the fate of King Lucian."

The last episode, The Final Strike, will star Noctis after separating from the Astrals, on the way to the great final battle in what is, to date, the last episode of the Final Fantasy saga.