Final Fantasy XV will take advantage of PS4 Pro improvements from day one

The original version also receives graphical improvements such as a greater draw distance for vegetation.

Square enix has confirmed that Final Fantasy XV will take advantage of the technical improvements of PS4 Pro from day one, although the Japanese continue not to publicly show this version of their action and role adventure that the Japanese media assure looks really good.

The team led by Hajime Tabata has not specified the specific improvements of this version of FFXV for the new PlayStation 4 model, but the information leaked so far speaks of a better and more stable rate of images per second, more vivid colors, and certain additional graphic details that make the game seem different from the original version in a good way.

After the delay in its release date, Square Enix has also added some graphical improvements to the original version. Specifically, there is talk of a greater distance from the drawing when displaying vegetation on the screen.