Final Fantasy XV offers a look at the canceled DLC

Originally, more post-Episode Ardyn content was raised.

In recent days, some fans of the Final Fantasy saga have spoken in networks about a Final Fantasy XV art book called The Dawn of Future, in which, among other things, they appear conceptual illustrations about the game's canceled DLC. FF Planet reports on Twitter some of these scenes, although it is not very clear if it is a mere interpretation or if this information is reflected as it is in the book.

We enter a thorny narrative terrain, so We recommend fans more susceptible to spoilers to take a step back before continuing. Even though this is canceled footage, there are details of the FFXV plot that you might want to avoid.

Assuming you're still with us, the tweet explains that at some point Luna revives and we form a team of four characters — Ardyn, Luna, Noctis, and Aranea — to stand up to Bahamut. Later Luna comes back to life completely by the grace of Shiva. The next scene depicts Ardyn's funeral, next to his empty coffin. It is speculated that his body disappears when he reaches the power of Providence, but it is something that goes beyond the illustrations in the book.

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