Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3 reappear in Unreal Engine 4 video

The two Square Enix titles are part of the video and show seconds of new footage.

Epic games has shown in the GDC 2016 San Francisco a video with some of the video games that will take advantage of its engine Unreal Engine 4 in the coming months and some products that are already taking advantage of it to show that yours is one of the most versatile engines on the market and one of the preferred options by the most important developers in the industry.

The trailer shows footage from productions such as Paragon, Ace Combat 7, Unreal Tournament Fortnite or Street Fighter V, but does not neglect two of the most important engine products in collaboration with Square enix: Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3. They are barely a few seconds, but it is new footage of the two role-playing games, of which no news was known for weeks.

They are two of the most anticipated productions currently, but neither has a specific date for its launch. It would be enough for many users to make it known when any of the titles will hit the store shelves. It is very likely that after the release of Final Fantasy XV they will focus on promoting both products. Will we have to wait for E3?