Filtered details and images of the new Elite controller for Xbox One

The Verge calls the pad, codename Spider, "evolution rather than revolution."

The portal The Verge has specialized in recent times in successfully filtering information related to Microsoft in particular and with the video game industry in general. This time they have information collected directly focused on the alleged revision of the Xbox One Elite controller.

When Elite was introduced, in its original version it was an improved version of the standard XOne controller that was around $ 150 and that offered very interesting functionalities such as, for example, having some mobile components. Now, three years after the premiere of that one, we begin to have news of its new version.

In January of this year we already announced that Xbox One could have an improved version of the Elite controller, and now we not only offer you new details about it, but also some images. Apparently responds to the codename Spider and it will be "an evolution, not a revolution" compared to the first version.

Tension control for the sticks, in order to configure their resistance, three positions for the triggers (for the two that could be configured in the past), and bluetooth connectivity with PC: a function that the original Elite model did not allow. More profiles to configure, USB Type-C connectivity and more travel for the panels on the back of the controller are, among other things, more leaked news.