Filtered in detail the collectors edition of God of War

It would include a 9-inch statue of Kratos and his son Atreus fighting, as well as toys and other extras.

As we always do in these cases, we must be cautious when interpreting this news, although there are certain indications that lead us to attribute a certain veracity to it. This is a leak starring the German online store Spielegrotte that provides details about a hypothetical collector's edition for God of War.

The particularity is not only the detailed description of the extras it includes, but also the fact that it comes from a store that already made the characteristics of the machine public at the time. Nightmare Edition of Bloodborne.

Specifically, the following content is described for the collector's edition of Kratos' new adventure:
  • The game in Blu-ray format
  • Metallic box
  • 22cm figure of Kratos and Atreus fighting two Helwalkers
  • Two toys from Atreus (Kratos' son)
  • Digital soundtrack
  • An exclusive lithograph
  • Cloth map with the different locations of the game
  • Exclusive dynamic theme for PS4
  • Pack with three downloadable shields for the game

Although there are no images, it is true that we can find other details such as a price of 199.99 euros and an estimated date for January 15, 2018, although it goes without saying that both could be mere provisional data awaiting official information from Sony since, for example, it seems unlikely to see a game of its caliber in January.