Star "signing" for Call of Duty Warzone with the arrival of Paul Pogba at Verdansk FC

The marketing move causes tremendous scare among Manchester United fans.

At this point, it goes without saying that Call of Duty Warzone has been a success. Not only that, it is also an important communication channel for the franchise that is expected to serve as the canvas for the announcement of Call of Duty 2020. While we wait, Activision and Infinity Ward continue to make noise, now with the announcement that the French footballer, Paul Pogba, has "signed" for him club Verdansk FC, a funny publicity stunt that we don't know if it will be the first of many or if it will lead to some more serious revelation.

That said, the resource is not surprising, since the newly released Season 5 revolves around the Verdansk Stadium, which was closed for months and now allows players to explore it. In fact, free Verdansk FC themed rewards can be found on the PlayStation Store and give access to a special outfit, as well as emblems and more.

Verdansk has its football club, the Verdansk SparksVerdansk is the fictional city that serves as a battlefield for Warzone, the Call of Duty battle-royale. It is a city inspired by the Ukrainian demarcation of Donetsk and, like that city, Verdansk has its football club, the Verdansk Sparks. The Sparks stadium is very similar to Shakhtar Donetsk.

Pogba plays for Manchester United and made the announcement on his official Twitter account, generating some concern among the followers of the Red Devils, who are waiting for the player to sign a real contract extension with the English team and, for a second they thought he would migrate to another club.

Call of Duty Warzone, meanwhile, has just crossed the 75 million player mark and will move on, as parallel content to the formal installments of the Call of Duty series, which this year's installment should be close to being revealed.

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